art materials

A Note from the EYE to: Parents, Teachers and other Grown-ups purchasing ART MATERIALS
for the Eyeball It!™ projects:

Abundant, high quality art materials and tools (brushes, scissors, erasers) are a critical, positive component in children’s success doing these projects and making art in general – as they are for adult artists like myself.

A brush that behaves more like a club than a soft tool to spread colorful paint, a crayon that puts down so little pigment than it has no impact, or a piece of paper that tears with erasing and redrawing can shut a child down. Risk-taking stops, confidence fades, and the pleasure of creative experimentation is needlessly robbed. It’s usually not obvious...the child will simply say, “Oh no, I don’t really like painting/drawing/whatever...” or “I don’t want to do that today.” Meanwhile, they just think they aren’t very good at it, or they’re frustrated by it. Never occurs to them that I/EYE couldn’t paint with that crummy brush either!

Artist & Craftsman Supply is offering you the optional Materials Kits for both individual parent/child combinations and larger groups at a good discount off retail (30% and 40% respectively). Shipping is at a low flat-rate – important, given the weight of paper and paint (and fluctuating gas prices). Only the whole kit gets this deep a discount. Clay is available separately in 25lb boxes only.  Given its weight, shipping costs will vary with distance. One box is probably enough for 6-8 children.


For parents and groups using Eyeball It!™ now, please deal directly with Jim or Lina at Artist & Craftsman in Philadelphia, PA. 267-861-6008 or Company website is Artist & Craftsman Supply is a forty-nine percent employee-owned art supply house with multiple locations.


Good, non-toxic materials made for children are not necessarily more expensive. (In fact, most of the materials I’ve specified are in the middle price range.) They just work better.

The one exception is the brushes – more expensive than you might choose on your own. These are good brushes that last well if cared for – please see the project directions.

There is also a Tool Kit available for parents or groups who want to share a supply kit between multiple children. Everyone still needs their own brushes, pencil, eraser while they’re working. Tool kits are discounted when purchased with one of the full kits.

Purchasing the Materials Kit is optional. If you decide to work with what you have, filling in where useful, the one essential for doing these projects well is big paper – 18” x 24” white drawing paper that will tolerate child-level abuse (what all artists do to paper!). Two reliable brands are Canson “Biggie” pads and Borden and Riley “Penny Sketch” in that 18”x 24” size. I have used both with my students for many years.

Scissors are not on the A&C list. They do not have access to either the Fiskars or Dahle scissors I specified. So I suggest you obtain those yourselves. Good quality, inexpensive. Should be available online.

– For 3-6th graders with larger hands, I use a “Fiskars 7-inch Student Scissors 12-94587097” or the “Dahle 6-inch Vantage Scissors”.

– For younger ones, the “Fiskars Kids Classic 5-inch Scissors.”

All are sharpenable and work for both left- and right-handed children. And yes, their scissors DO need to be professionally sharpened, maybe yearly. Makes a big difference!!

Once you purchase the good brushes and scissors, you shouldn’t need to replace them.

Neither Eyeball It!™ nor the author receives any financial gain from the materials. My purpose in encouraging you to order the kit is that I know it will help your children succeed.

Thanks, Have fun!
Ellen Priest