Tonya and Adam recording the Eyeball It!™ Projects in my studio.

Along with each of the Projects and Drawing Exercises, there is a Read-Along recording. These play as little movies with the text appearing as it does in the projects.

The voices reading the text aloud are those of Tonya Baynes, Adam Walhberg (both professional actors) and EYE (the author).

Our purpose is to help children read comfortably and with good comprehension, and to make these projects easier for parents to manage.

About the readers:

Tonya Baynes is an experienced actress and singer, and develops science and art programming for the Delaware Children's Museum. She and her husband have two children in the Eyeball It!™ age range. Tonya has a B.S. in Chemistry from Delaware State University.

Adam J. Wahlberg has been an actor for nearly 20 years, and works as a freelance web designer. A native of Wilmington, Delaware, he began acting there at 11 in the Young Theater Association. Adam has a BFA in Acting from the Syracuse University School of Drama.