1. Craig S. O’Connell, 1st Grade Teacher recently retired after 42 years in the classroom, was in my original test group with his daughter in 1993-4. We spoke in June 2014 and he was delighted that I wanted to use his comments here:

“As a teacher of elementary school age children for the past 23 years, I feel strongly that Eyeball It!™ represents an exciting and comprehensive new approach that offers children developmentally appropriate creative art skills. This program essentially empowers the child to interact visually with her/his environment by providing the fundamental tools and skills necessary to interpret the world. It is a highly engaging and dynamic approach that allows for parental guidance and support while maintaining a basically child-centered style. It is well organized, clearly written and self-directing.

“As a parent of a ten-year-old enrolled in the project, I’m impressed with the many opportunities the program has offered my child and me to interpret our surroundings using a common language, always heightening our observational skills and making us more aware of our world on many levels. But most of all, it has been remarkably interesting and genuinely lots of fun.”

2. Dr. Stephen Grout, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Architecture at Philadelphia University has been a long-time friend and advisor to the Eyeball It!™ program.

“The process involved in the Eyeball It!™ lessons guides young artists to learn skills and make wide-ranging creative choices of their own, rather than following specific directives. It fosters independent visual thinking in the students. I would love to have my freshman design students at Philadelphia University arrive on campus with this kind of background and sense of curiosity and invention.”

3.  Karyn Tufarolo is the Assistant Director of Professional and Adult Programs at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.  When I taught in her department from 2002-8, she knew my work well and is eager to see Eyeball It!™ users benefit from it.

“Ellen taught at the University of the Arts in the Professional Institute for Educators for many years. The Professional Institute for Educators serves K-12 teachers throughout the region in providing graduate courses for professional development and career enrichment. Ellen brought a level of artistic sophistication to her classes, while always being warm and generous with her students at varying levels of experience. She is adept at working with teachers and understanding how to help them develop art projects which work for a range of young learners. She thinks in a collaborative manner and across disciplines; this enthusiasm translates to K-12 students who have multiple learning styles.”