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Eyeball It!® Letters and Numbers

This is a stand-alone Project for 4-6 year-olds using hands-on studio art to reinforce basic letter and number learning. Children learn a letter, make the letter, and make pictures of objects, places, people or actions that begin with that letter. And children learn a number, make the number, then make pictures that correspond to the quantity that number represents. There are more complex art projects for children who already know their letters and numbers well, and want to use them in zany, imaginative ways.

Written for the adults as a type of Lesson Plan. For parents, teachers, after-school and summer camp instructors, librarians, etc.

Would you help us test these new Projects?

Existing Eyeball It!® Projects and Drawing Exercises have been extensively tested and widely used before going onto the website.

With new Projects, because of Covid-19 precautions, I can’t work directly with kids and their parents or instructors to test them, see what kids come up with, hear feedback from both adults and kids, and take photos of the artwork.

So I need your help! Testing is critical to the process. And I do listen! Many aspects of this program have been adjusted or completely changed in response to kids’ and adults’ experiences.

If you’d like to join us to test either Project #6: Color Likes to Move!! with 7-13 year-olds or Eyeball It!® Letters and Numbers with children 4-6, please contact me through the Contact form on the Homepage. I will email you back, and we’ll go from there.

A huge THANKS in advance! Your collaboration is invaluable, especially now. Kids need art more than ever.

I look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions and exchanging feedback. My guess is we’ll have fun!

– Eyeball It!® creator Ellen Priest