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Materials and Equipment

Abundant, high quality art materials and tools (brushes, scissors, erasers) are a critical, positive contributor to children’s success doing these projects and making art in general – as they are for adult artists like myself.

You may purchase a package, a few items or use whatever you have! Read more for specifics.

Any adult can guide this program with young people!

Experience? No art experience needed!

Time? If you’re a parent beginning a Project with your own kid/s, plan about an hour to get started. Then plan to offer help and structure, depending on your child’s age.

If you’re beginning a Project with a group of kids, there are Lesson Plans that break the program into 1-hour blocks. (See the Project pages.)

Each Project offers roughly a month of studio art activity on a totally flexible schedule.

Cost? All you need is Internet access (public or private), some art materials and a place to work.

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About the creator

Eyeball It!® is a product of my belief that children's intelligence grows in the act of doing — seeing, thinking and making art, all at the same time. The kind of visual and “physical” intelligence I'm trying to provoke in my students will have, I hope, a significant effect on (1) their ability to understand abstract and spatial concepts in math and science and (2) their ability to solve problems — both abstract and practical — creatively. Ideally, I want them to develop a flexible, confident visual intelligence — a joyful intelligence, as I see it — that revels in new challenges and experiences.

- Ellen Priest

An abstract painter with more than
35 years in the studio.

An art educator with career-long experience teaching students of many ages, from 1st grade to adults.

What are read-alongs?

Along with each of the Projects and Drawing Exercises, there is a Read-Along recording. These play as little movies with the text appearing as it does in the Projects.

Our purpose is to help children read comfortably and with good comprehension, and to make these Projects easier for parents, other adults and kids to manage.

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A huge THANK YOU to Eyeball It!®’s generous supporters and partners!!


  • ForGood Fund
  • John A. Luke, Jr.
  • Marilyn and Larry Fields
  • WSFS Bank
  • The Welfare Foundation
  • The Laffey-McHugh Foundation
  • Delaware Community Foundation
  • Our individual donors, named and anonymous


  • Vincent Garguilo
  • Jeff Appis
  • Carousel
  • JHW Advising
  • Rebecca Moore
  • Lyons & Sucher Advertising

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The mission of Eyeball It!® is to offer real studio art education to every 7-12 year-old child, regardless of economic status or geographic location. Hands-on studio art cultivates children’s creative thinking, problem-solving, confidence in making real art on their own, and belief in the value of their own visual expression.

Unique in its field, Eyeball It!® is individualized, scalable, available by Internet, guidable by any adult in either individual or group settings, and free of any fees.

“Kids ‘hang their hats’ on sports and the arts,” Ellen Priest says. “That’s what makes them wake up in the morning happy to be who they are. That’s how they define themselves.” Research by the Search Institute about ‘sparks’ (see Read more) corroborates that insight. Priest believes that real studio art education offers children a voice they often desperately want and need.

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